RESPONDblogs: Christianity Must Lead to War – Busting the Myth

religion and war

Myth? You’re kidding…right? Everyone knows that religion…especially Christianity…has caused terrible wars down thru history. And this is why many people choose not to be Christians.


Sure – many people reject Christianity. And many do so because of the violence that Christians have wrought throughout human history.


But please consider this perspective for a second? Perhaps It’s not actually religion that causes violence and war. It is people who start war; violence is at roota human problem that inflicts both the religious and the irreligious. YET…and with a large dose of irony…there is still hope…!


My focus in this blog…as a Christian…is specifically Christianity. Why? Because it’s unique amongst all other faith systems; only Christianity reveals the God who is seeking people out personally to save them. I won’t speak for other faith systems…I will speak for Christianity.


And I start with this. No violence is acceptable for a Christian. I am NOT going to attempt to justify or defend the atrocities committed by Christians from the past. I will however say this. In my experience, Christian people suffer the same tendency TOWARDS violence as other human beings who are not Christian. We all have hearts that need changing. BUT – there is hope…


So how do I propose to argue that Christianity does not cause war?

First – Christianity’s Critics Exaggerate Christian Violence

I would suggest that Christianity’s critics exaggerate the past in order to misrepresent the behaviour of violent, misguided Christians from the past.

John Dickson has researched two sad but specific examples of Christian violence over the last 600 years.

1 The Spanish Inquisition (no one expects the Spanish Inquisition)

It began in the 15th century and lasted for 350 years. It is commonly claimed that hundreds of thousands of heretics were killed during this people. The facts paint a different picture.

“in its 350-year history, the Spanish Inquisition probably killed around 6,000 people. That comes out at eighteen deaths a year.”[1]

That’s 18 deaths a year too many…I agree! But a lot less than the hundreds of thousands that are often claimed.


2 The Northern Ireland Troubles

This thirty year conflict, beginning in 1968, claimed the lives of less than 4,000 people…though many more were injured physically and psychologically over this time. The BBC history website reports, “During the Troubles, the scale of the killings perpetrated by all sides – republican and loyalist paramilitaries and the security forces – eventually exceeded 3,600.”[2]

Having lived through this time, it was terrible in so many senses. Almost 4,000 deaths were too many.



Second – Secular Conflict is Worse than Religious Violence Yet this Fact is Downplayed

Let’s bring a bit of perspective here. And as I do so…I would suggest that the results of purely secular conflicts are downplayed because they are so much MORE bloodthirsty than the religious ones.

1 The French Revolution

The secular French Revolution between September 1793 and July 1794 happened in the name of liberty, equality and fraternity.

“As many people were executed…in a single year of the Revolution…as were killed in the entire three decades of the ‘troubles’”[3].


2 Secular 20th Century Wars

World War 1 (the war to end all wars) caused an estimated 8,000,000 deaths.

World War 2 was much worse; 35,000,000 deaths.

Joseph Stalin’s openly atheistic regime killed at least 20,000,000 people. This means more people died under Stalin each and every week…than died as a result of the entire 350 year history of the Spanish Inquisition.

Atheist Paul Pot and his communist Khmer Rouge, “led Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. During that time, about 1.5 million Cambodians out of a total population of 7 to 8 million died of starvation, execution, disease or overwork. Some estimates place the death toll even higher. One detention centre, S-21, was so notorious that only seven of the roughly 20,000 people imprisoned there are known to have survived.”[4]


Third – Violence is Not Particular to Christianity. It is a common Human Problem

These figures are both tragic and mind boggling. But they paint an obvious picture. BOTH religion and irreligion can inspire hatred. Yet the irreligious violence tends to be MUCH MORE SEVERE than the violence from Christians.


Christian violence is a sad historical fact. So is secular violence – which is much worse than the Christian violence.

This points to my thesis that – violence is a human problem; we all are affected. In other words – the suggestion that Christianity CAUSES war…is simply a myth. The problem is the human heart….not Christianity or Christian belief. Can we call this myth “BUSTED” now…?




YET – ironically there is STILL HOPE for Humankind

Where is the hope that I promised at the beginning of this blog? Well – the hope will not appear if mankind succeeds in stamping out Christianity (as some have suggested). The hope comes when we become more true to Christianity. Hence the irony.

Why do I say that?

I know lots of lovely people who are atheists. Some of my longest standing friends are atheists. Imagine a committed atheist who is convinced that we live in a cold merciless universe… the product of the blind forces of physics…nothing to look forward to than personal death followed eventually by solar heat death. If I try to put myself in that position, then I make an interesting observation. As Bertrand Russell once pointed out, the atheist decision to love is nothing more than a personal preference. Surely because there is no God, and therefore no ultimate accountability for our actions, ANY kind of life is logically compatible with the atheist worldview?

While the atheist can live how he pleases, no such free choice lies before the Christian. We are commanded to love like He loves. “when Christians love, they do so in full accordance with their worldview that begins with the love of God and the inherent value of his much loved creatures.”[5] A Christian filled with hate is indeed a historical fact…but it is also clear logical defiance of the Christian worldview. A hate filled Christian makes no logical sense.


So where is the hope I referred to earlier?

Christianity doesn’t provoke war; it brings peace to all people. Eternal peace between us and God.

The solution for violent Christianity is REAL Christianity.

The solution for a violent world is not no religion…where love is logically nothing more than a good lifestyle choice. The solution is REAL Christianity; loving and following Jesus Christ in a fuller and more devoted way.


“And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. The second is equally important: Love your neighbour as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these.” – Jesus Christ (Mark 12:30-31, NLT)


“The cure is not less religion, but, in a carefully qualified sense, more religion…The more Christian faith matters to its adherents as faith and the more they practice it as an ongoing tradition with strong ties to its origins and with clear cognitive and moral content, the better off we will be.”            – Miroslav Volf (Christian theologian)


“But why so many words when I can say it in one sentence, and in a sentence very appropriate for a Jew. Honour your master, Jesus Christ, not only in words and songs but, rather, foremost in your deeds.” – Albert Einstein (deist)

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